Wholesale and Retail Outlets

Looking to have Elicit Herbal Chew products in your store? Just fill out the form below to get in contact with a Wholesale Herbal Chew Representative in your area.


The Elicit Herbal Chew team is always looking for store fronts and new distributors all over the world! If you are interested in purchasing wholesale herbal chew for resale or for distribution to local stores in your area you have come to the right place.

As the popularity of herbal chew is steadily on the rise, now is the right time to join up with a premium brand that is always gaining recurring customers. Our herbal chews are made from only the finest natural ingredients and mixed mechanically and also by hand to ensure we please even the most discerning with the perfect chewing tobacco alternative. By joining Elicit Herbal Chew with a wholesaler account you can be rest assured that not only your customers, but also you as a retailer will have direct, hands on support whenever you need it.


Herbal Chew for International Retail


Elicit Herbal Chew is already being shipped worldwide! To help get Elicit Herbal Chew to our customers in various countries we are looking to team up with international suppliers. Territories will be arranged to keep Suppliers in the profit zone without creating competition in the same market division. If you are looking to carry Elicit Herbal Chew in your store front, warehouse or online shop , contact us today.


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