About Our Company

Creating an herbal dip that satisfies.

Elicit herbal chew started with an idea of a suitable alternative for those looking to kick the tobacco habit. While there are multiple chewing tobacco alternatives many find that they do not satisfy cravings. Most herbal chew has the right texture but lacks the nicotine you crave. Elicit is designed to have a taste and texture that is close to normal dip and also contains nicotine to fight the cravings associated with tobacco products without the thousands of known carcinogens.

How it works.

We are a chewing tobacco alternative that satisfies like a normal chew. Our research and development has birthed a product that chewers have always wanted that feels like a dip should without the regrets.
Elicit chew comes in three different nicotine strengths so you can choose the amount of nicotine that’s right for you. There is also the option of getting it with no nicotine. Our non tobacco chew keeps the nicotine but gets rid of all the other carcinogens associated with chewing tobacco. Leaving you with a much better product without the side effects associated with tobacco. Elicit Herbal Chew is to dippers what e cigarettes are to those that smoke, in fact many smokers also find Elicit is an alternative that works from them as it takes the familiarity of holding a cigarette out of the equation. Our product is a safer way to satisfy cravings without any tobacco. At Elicit we not only stand behind our products, we use them daily. Give us a try. If you are looking for a satisfying, great tasting alternative to chewing tobacco Elicit is the product you’ve been searching for.

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