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Elicit wintergreen herbal chew is blended with quality peppermint leaves to give you a familiar and exhilarating flavor, one that will satisfy even the most skeptical tobacco user. Available in three strengths: Full, Half, and Zero.


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Elicit wintergreen is our most refreshing and smooth blend, created by combining peppermint leaves and the traditional wintergreen flavor adored by so many traditional tobacco users. While our herbal chew never tries to imitate the taste of tobacco exactly, lovers of this iconic flavor will not be disappointed. With our signature dash of cayenne pepper, we achieve “the burn” you’ve come to expect from your favorite can of chew. Like all our varieties, the best part is the ability to get your nicotine fix while the all-natural peppermint leaves freshen your breath with every dip. As usual, each can is both hand and machine mixed, allowing us to ensure both quality and consistency in each can of herbal chew. Full strength will deliver all the nicotine of your traditional snuff, with none of the other chemicals found in tobacco products. Zero strength is totally nicotine-free, and half strength provides a comfortable middle ground. A bold new take on an old standby, Elicit wintergreen will remind you why Chewing Tobacco Alternatives are the right choice for you.

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