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Elicit mint Herbal Chew is a blend of peppermint leaves and other herbs that deliver an unforgettable icy blast with every dip! Available in three strengths: Full, Half, and Zero.


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Elicit mint Herbal Chew is one of our favorite flavors. By adding an extra dash of peppermint extract to our blend of peppermint leaves and herbs, we have created a fresh, crisp chew that will not only satisfy your craving but your taste-buds too. We add just a hint of cayenne pepper, so you get “the burn” you’ve come to expect from a dip. By giving you the nicotine you want and freshening your breath, Elicit mint gives you the perfect tobacco alternative experience!

As usual, each can is both hand and machine mixed, allowing us to ensure both quality and consistency. Full strength will deliver all the nicotine of your traditional snuff, with none of the other chemicals found in tobacco products. Zero strength is totally nicotine-free, and half strength provides a comfortable middle ground. Both you and your friends/family/partner will love the flavor of mint Elicit Herbal Chew.

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