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We add the bold flavor of cinnamon to our high-quality peppermint leaves, giving you the perfect blend for the straight dipper. A new addition to the Elicit Herbal Chew line, Cinnamon is quickly becoming a classic. As always, available in full, half, and zero strength.


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Cinnamon is the newest of the Elicit flavors and was designed to appeal to those who avoid minty options in their Chew selection. As an alternative to out other products, this blend is a wonderful change of pace. Peppermint leaves infused with a delicious cinnamon extract gives a spicy and memorable aroma, not to mention a perfect flavor for those who haven’t found our other blends to their liking. A slight hint of cayenne pepper gives it the “burn” you’ve come to love from traditional chew. As with all Elicit Herbal Chew varieties, cinnamon comes in three different strengths, allowing you to choose the type of experience you want. Full strength will give you what you’ve become familiar with from tobacco-based cans of chew, making the transition to Herbal chew much less difficult. We also have half and zero strength, the latter of which is completely nicotine-free. Each can is both machine and hand mixed, ensuring both quality and consistency from each and every can. Elicit Cinnamon is a terrific way to get started with herbal snuff, while helping you avoid all the harmful chemicals found in tobacco. Order a can of Cinnamon today, you’ll love the burn!

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