Hello Esteemed Elicit Herbal Chew customers,

We have made some changes here at Elicit Herbal Chew that we would like to inform all of you about. We have been concerned for a while that our chew was maybe a little to fine cut, and after some very welcome feedback from some of you we have have decided to go with a little longer of a cut.

New Longer Cut and Higher Strength

We have also consolidated our 4 strengths to 3 strengths. We will now only be carrying “Full Strength”, “Half Strength” and “Zero”.  Our new “Full Strength” contains 200mg of Nicotine, which is slightly more than our old “Extra Strength”, the new “Half Strength” contains 100mg of nicotine which is in-between our old “Full Strength” and old “Half Strength”. The “Zero” obviously is still zero.
The reason we did this was we had hundreds of customers asking us to make our “Extra Strength” more comparable to a normal can of chewing tobacco, and felt that is was in ours as well as the customers best interest to switch to only three strengths.


We thank you all for your constant input in helping us making and delivering the best herbal chew possible. We look forward to your continued support and feedback.


Thank you


Elicit Herbal Chew Team

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