Your loved one has decided to quit chewing tobacco. The decision alone causes you to celebrate, but the decision is only the first part of the long battle ahead of your loved one. They will need all of the love and support you can offer them during this difficult yet rewarding time in their life. You can comfort and support your loved one by following these simple tips.

1. Reward Progress

Quitting cold turkey is a very difficult proposition for many people. When they make progress, you should reward them somehow. Maybe there is a movie coming out that they want to see. You could also take them out to a nice dinner as a reward for their progress. You have plenty of options, but it’s important to remember to be supportive.

2. Understand Relapses

There could be times when your loved one falls back into their ways of chewing tobacco regularly. Don’t scold them or punish them. Help them to understand that addictions are hard to break. Don’t try to play the guilt trip card with them. Continue to encourage them to quit, and offer them rewards when they make progress. It’s critical to understand that people aren’t perfect, especially when they are dealing with an addiction.

3. Enlist Others

This tip assumes that the person won’t mind if you tell their parents, friends or other relatives. The person will eventually realize that there are so many people on their side. People are rooting for them to quit and get their life in order. A strong support network truly means a lot to someone fighting an addiction. Sometimes they need more motivation than what they can muster inside.

4. Provide Distractions

Habits sometimes form because people experience boredom. Instead of chewing tobacco, you could introduce your loved one to chewing gum. The gum will keep their mouths busy so that they don’t feel like they need tobacco. You could also try getting your loved one involved in an exercise program. The exercise will help your loved one deal with the stress they will face as they try to quit.

Your loved one will be able to quit chewing tobacco as long as they have your support. Don’t forget to encourage other people in their life to support them as well. A large network of support will change their life forever as they make progress toward their goal of quitting chewing tobacco.

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