If you’ve developed a habit for chewing tobacco, then you might benefit from quitting or switching to an alternative. Even though you might enjoy your tobacco habit, you may not fully realize the kind of damage you could do to your mouth, throat, and overall health. Consider these five reasons to quit chewing tobacco.

1. Tobacco Stains Your Teeth

A whiter smile can open up a lot of doors for you in life. It will make you more attractive in dating circles and in job interviews. The stench from chewing tobacco also makes your breath smell bad, and other people will notice you’ve been chewing. It would take too many trips to the dentist to brighten your smile when you use snuff regularly.

2. You Will Save Money

Chewing tobacco isn’t a cheap habit. You could be spending up to 2,400 dollars per year if you chew a lot of tobacco. You can use that money to buy healthier foods and go out to movies. You could even use that money to save up for a down payment on a car or set up a college fund for your children. There’s no downside to saving more money, and it will be good for your health.

3. Chewing Tobacco Can Ruin a Professional Image

If you would like to maintain a professional image, tobacco could be your worst enemy. Nobody wants to see you spitting or putting a large dip in your mouth. You’ll make more friends quickly when they realize that you’re a clean, presentable person. Your scent will improve since there’s no stinky tobacco to offend the nasal passages of your friends, family, and co-workers.

4. Improved Mental Health

You’ll feel anxious when you first quit, but your mental health will improve in time. You’ll eventually stop worrying about how you can scrounge up enough cash for another can of dip. Your urges will quickly diminish, and you’ll feel at peace. You’ll also sleep better at night since the chemicals won’t be wiring your system anymore.

5. Lower Risk of Cancer

People who chew tobacco have a higher risk for several types of cancer. Oral cancer causes all sorts of problems with your mouth, and it can even lead to death. Chewing tobacco also increases your chances of getting throat cancer and other nasty diseases. Even if you never got cancer from chewing, you could still lose your teeth and gums to health issues.

Quitting benefits you in so many ways. You won’t realize just how great it is to quit until you do it. Dipping costs you money, your reputation, your image, and your health. Quitting costs you nothing but effort.

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