Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQ

How much nicotine is in Elicit Herbal Chew?

Our herbal chew contains 200mg of nicotine per can at full strength, 100mg at half strength and no nicotine with the zero strength. A standard can of chewing tobacco contains around 250mg of nicotine so right from the beginning you will be lowering your daily nicotine dose and getting started out on the right foot. Of course, you should consult a physician before starting with any nicotine products.

Does Elicit Herbal Chew contain any caffeine?

No, our product does not contain any substance with caffeine and no caffeine is added.

Does it taste like tobacco?

no it does not we don’t try and make it taste like tobacco because its not and replicating the taste of normal chewing tobacco usually ends in a sub par product and our goal was to make a great tasting chew.

Can Elicit Herbal Chew be swallowed?

Our Zero Strength chew is made with natural ingredients but it is not classified as a food so it is not intended to be ingested. Our full and half strength chews also contain nicotine. Nicotine is considered a stimulant and toxin so it is also not intended to be swallowed.

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