A Different Chewing Tobacco Alternative

Elicit Herbal Chew with Nicotine

So What Is It?

Elicit Herbal Chew is a brand new chewing tobacco alternative, one that unlike other similarly named products, has nicotine added to its natural blend of herbs. By delivering the nicotine your body craves without the hundreds of chemicals associated with traditional tobacco “dip,” Elicit Herbal Chew comes closer to your favorite can than any other chewing tobacco alternative product available. As opposed to many herbal chews on the market, our goal is not to imitate the taste of tobacco, but rather the experience. In doing so, we’ve created a great tasting product you’ll come to love even as your cravings are satisfied completely.

Can it help me?

Can Elicit Chew Help Me Quit Chewing Tobacco?

Elicit is a product that focuses on being a tobacco-free replacement for your traditional can of snuff. While its possible to use Elicit Chew as a way to wean yourself off of tobacco using the various strengths we offer, the product was never intended as a cessation device, nor was it tested as such. We are providing a tobacco-free chew that will satisfy your cravings, feel familiar, and taste fantastic. Think of it as the chew equivalent to an electronic cigarette.

Is it safe?

Is Herbal Chew Safe?

By adding Nicotine to all-natural ingredients, Elicit has created a uniquely blended chewing tobacco alternative to traditional chew, but since it isn’t classified as “food,” we do not advise ingesting it. Nicotine is a stimulant, as well as a toxin, and prior experience with the chemical is highly recommended. Unlike tobacco-based chews, Nicotine is the only chemical we add. While no nicotine-delivering product can be called “safe,” we have tried to create a way to avoid some of the more dangerous chemicals that exist in tobacco-based products. By starting with full or half-strength Elicit Herbal Chew, and moving down the scale to the zero strength, you can manage your addiction and habit with unparalleled control.

“Hands down the best alternative on the market. Elicit has saved my life and I am now tobacco free. Do yourself a favor and buy this product now. right now.”

Matt M.

Guide, Kayak River Adventures

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