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All Elicit Herbal Chew Products

Mint Chew

In 4 great flavors and 3 nicotine strengths.


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Why Chew Elicit?

Choosing a tobacco-free alternative can be FRUSTRATING. Most of the options out there simply do not satisfy, and usually end up being replaced by whatever can you are trying to kick. People trying to quit through alternatives like herbal chew often ask why there isn’t an option that “hits the spot!” Well congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve never tried a chew like Elicit, we guarantee it!

Multiple Nicotine Strengths

Elicit Herbal Chew is a fantastic new way to get exactly what you want from your old can, while avoiding the hazards of traditional tobacco use. We’ve created a great new chewing tobacco alternative that gives us the best of both worlds; the nicotine “fix” of traditional smokeless products, but in a tobacco-free chew.
These days, most tobacco alternatives tend to focus on the smoker, leaving those of us who prefer smokeless-tobacco products without any satisfying options. So we decided to come up with just that- A satisfying and delicious non-tobacco chew that still delivers the nicotine of a traditional can!

Elicit comes in three strengths, allowing you to get what you need without changing how you go about doing so. If you need a product with little or no nicotine, we offer that in addition to our stronger blends. Since all the blends taste the same, your strength preference doesn’t affect your chewing experience. We are not here to create new nicotine addicts, and do not condone or advise picking up the habit if you don’t already have it, which is another reason we offer the zero strength option. However, we have found that Elicit is a great way to get started with a chewing tobacco alternative, especially for those ready to leave behind the proven carcinogens and chemicals found in the average can of traditional chew.

How Our Chew Is Made

We use the finest ingredients to ensure a consistent product with every can. Starting with mint leaves and other natural herbs, we add the perfect level of nicotine to each batch, allowing us to create a tailor-made can of incredibly satisfying herbal chew just for you.

We know that nicotine is considered highly addictive, as well as a toxin, so we make sure to use only 100% leaf-extracted nicotine, giving us the ability to deliver the purest product available to you. We are always striving to discover new flavors and blends, many of which are in testing and development even now. Our goal is to provide our customers with the freshest, tastiest, and most satisfying alternative to traditional chew. We are extremely proud of what we do here at Elicit, and want that to be evident in each can that goes out the door.

“Hands down the best alternative on the market. Elicit has saved my life and I am now tobacco free. Do yourself a favor and buy this product now. right now.”

Matt Mac

Guide, Kayak River Adventures

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